Silver & Labradorite Sea Turtle Necklace


18″ necklace with tiny faceted labradorite gems interspersed and finished off with a darling sea turtle pendant.

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Living on the coast of California has certainly increased my awareness of all the garbage that ends up polluting our oceans. While sea turtles don’t live in the waters where I call home, my family did have the opportunity of seeing them while snorkeling in Indonesia a few months ago. And the trash that was washing up on the shores of some of the Indonesian islands was horrendous! It has prompted more effort (I was already conscious and doing some) on my part to eliminate single-use plastic and paper goods in our home as well as making efforts to reduce all non-compostable and non-biodegradable waste that enters. This sea turtle charm is a visual reminder to stick to my convictions, even if sometimes it isn’t the easiest or most convenient choice. It’s worth it for this planet we have been commissioned to care for!

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